The ‘WOW’ Team

What’s On Whitstable (WOW) was founded by brother and sister, Mandy and Tim Smith. On moving back to Whitstable they realised there wasn’t a platform that shared and promoted everything that was happening in the town and which supported all the amazing local businesses.

Initially created as a standalone Facebook page in June 2014, WOW soon became a popular Facebook page for residents, visitors and businesses to interact and has organically grown ever since with over 4300 followers as of March 2017.  Twitter and Instagram accounts have since been added to our “social media stable” and both now have large followings as well.

Both Mandy and Tim have their own marketing based businesses, so bring a wealth of expertise to What’s on Whitstable.  They are also passionate about their home town, where their family roots go back at least 5 generations. Their grandfather, George Rigden spent most of his working life in the harbour; from the oyster sheds when he was a teenager, as trawler man for many years, running a shellfish stall outside the Duke of Cumberland then even when he was in his 80s working with the West family preparing the whelks.

About Mandy

Mandy is a marketing and PR specialist, who created her business RPR in 2002.  Having worked across most areas of marketing and PR, Mandy offers a “hands-on”, practical approach to her clients utilising her extensive knowledge and expertise. She works with a range of businesses helping them to discover their marketing focus and voice, enabling them to communicate effectively to the right customer in the right way.

Since moving back to Whitstable, Mandy has also helped and supported a number of community events, as well as local businesses.

About Tim

Having run small businesses, Tim discovered how difficult it is to find a web development company that was truly focussed and willing to help a small business due to smaller budgets.   So Tim decided to teach himself and went on to successfully create his own business websites including all that is required with the back end systems (hidden workings).  However it didn’t end there as it is not just about having a website. So his education continued as it became necessary to learn how Search Engine Optimisation works in order to attain high page rankings on the required search engines.  Since then Tim has gone on to build many websites for a variety of small businesses.

Tim is also a volunteer crew member of the Whitstable RNLI Lifeboat.

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