Voluntary and community events and activities are an important aspect of everyday life in Whitstable for both residents and visitors alike.

The town has a wide range of community as well as charity organisations and associations providing not only great events and activities but are also working tirelessly to support local people, the town and its unique heritage.

Whitstable Maritime



Photo of Whitstable Maritime

Our aim
Whitstable Maritime exists to help residents, visitors, schoolchildren and students enjoy exploring the town’s connections with the sea – past, present and future – at a visitors centre, along the foreshore and afloat.

Our Objectives
By working in partnership with other organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors we aim by 2020 to have:

restored the 42-foot Oyster Yawl ‘Gamecock’;
created a Maritime Discovery Centre;
established an annual Maritime Festival;
designed coastal trails from Whitstable to Faversham;
incorporated new and alternative technologies; and
added value to the local economy.
Our aims are compatible with the Whitstable Harbour Strategic Plan (2016), the Whitstable Museum Feasibility Study (2012), and Canterbury City Council report Fostering Long Term Initiatives in Ports (2015)

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